Elevate Your Game With Golfkicks

Started by 3 buddies in a Denver garage who had shared troubles over finding cool and comfortable golf shoes, Golfkicks is a Shark Tank success story that offers addable traction to transform any sneaker into golf shoes so you can play in comfort and style. 
Because "why can't we turn anything we want into golf shoes?" 
Easily mounted on flat, rubber-soled shoes, these soft spikes are designed to be permanent and come in a variety of colours for both the sleek and the bold. Offering a soft, comfortable and lightweight feel to take you from the greens of the game to the grocery store anytime. 
A fuss-free DIY product designed for all skill levels to enjoy, Golfkicks offers a plethora of styling options traditional golf shoes will never match up to.   
Golfkicks 5th-Gen traction is now worn on PGA, LPGA, Champions and Long Drive Tours and by beer leaguers and kiddos everywhere. 
Explore limitless options to take with you into the game, from your favourite street kicks to your everyday sneakers. 
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For every Traction Kit purchased from CLOSET, our boutique experts will assist in fixing them up for you. Just bring your desired kicks to us!

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