Golfkicks: Turn Sneakers into Golf Shoes

Started by 3 buddies in a Denver garage who wanted cool and comfortable golf shoes, Golfkicks is a Shark Tank success story that offers addable traction to transform any sneaker into golf shoes so you can play in comfort and style. 


Step 1 – Map out the locations of the 8 spikes on the underside of the shoe (use 6 for smaller shoes) and mark them. Ensure that the spikes sit on the flat parts of the sole.

Step 2 – Add a dab of shoe goo to the metal threads on every spike to be used.

Step 3 – Screw the spikes in by hand or drill. Apply pressure with hand driver or drill, turning clockwise until the spike sits snug against the sole.

Step 4 – Let the goo dry, and you’re done!


A straightforward DIY product designed for all skill levels to enjoy, Golfkicks will open up your world of golf shoes and welcome some of your favourite sneakers to wear on and off the course. 


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