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Article: Build Your Perfect Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Build Your Perfect Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Build Your Perfect Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Have you heard about a summer capsule wardrobe?

The idea of a summer capsule wardrobe is to create yourself a selected number of apparels, shoes and accessories that you love, and that it can be mixed and matched with other clothing to create another style or add details to your looks for different occasions. The idea is that these items will be exclusively used as your summer wardrobe.

With the working-from home as the new norm in the global pandemic, it is a perfect time to Marie-Kondo your closet and make some smart edits. With versatile items that work for day and night, it is a true investment in quality pieces that remain wearable for years to come. 

How to get started?

There is no absolute rule to personalising your summer capsule wardrobe. Keeping in mind with the items you picked, there are always a few key pieces that you can wear and mix around for different looks.

  • You love it: Probably the most important! You need to love these pieces that primarily form your summer capsule wardrobe. That will make sure that¬†you style each piece to your liking and feel amazing in it.¬†
  • Superb quality: Clothing with quality material is the key for them to last through the seasons. They are usually more comfortable and some like organic fabrics are better for your skin too.¬†
  • Timeless: Invest in transeasonal hues like white, black and neutral hues to ensure that it works all year round.¬†
  • Fitting: To be put together into a collection, they first have to fit you well¬†in all over your body.¬†These designs are made to make you feel confident, from¬†grocery shopping, to date nights and even zoom calls.

¬†1. Basic Tee, Circolo 1901¬†¬†2. Basic Pocket Tee, Circolo 1901¬†3. Black Tee, N¬į21¬†4. Cuffed Sleeve Tee,¬†N¬į21¬†5. Cotton Tee, Herno¬†On Model: Embroidered Shirt,¬†N¬į21

6. Linen Camisole, Cult Gaia 7. Leather Wrap Top, Nanushka 8. Basic Tee, Proenza Schouler White Label 9. V-neck Top, Beautiful People 10. Halter Neck Top, Cult Gaia 11. Wrap Cropped Top, Bird & Knoll On Model: Mixed-fabric Jersey, Nanushka

1. Wardrobe Staples

The first step to curating your ultimate summer capsule wardrobe is to identify essential tops that are easy to match, comfortable to touch and breathable especially during the summer.  

The colours picked for men are towards a neutral tone that matches with everything. For ladies, the colours selected are of brighter palette that works for the summer. The clothing is to be made of lightweight material such as linen and cotton that is suitable for hot climate. 

 1. Relaxed Fit Trousers, Briglia 1949 2. Floral Bermuda, PT Torino 3. Reggae Jeans, PT Torino 4. Bermuda with Pocket, PT Torino 5, Basic Bermuda in Olive, Briglia 1942 On Model: Caruso 

6. Pleated Skirt, Proenza Schouler White Label, 7. Floral Skirt, Beautiful People 8. White Trousers, Proenza Schouler White Label 9. Slit Skirt, Nanushka 10. Leather Shorts, Nanushka 11. Midi Skirt, Beautiful People On Model: Cult Gaia

ÔĽŅ2. Stylish Pairing

To make a perfect pair, always make sure you have some favourite bottoms to match with your basic tops. Apart from a classic pair of denim jeans, it is also smart to invest in trousers of relaxed fit that can be worn for any occasion.

For men, the key piece picked is a pair of floral-print Bermuda shorts, perfect for summer and outdoor activities. For ladies, we picked out tonal colours to complement with bright top.


1. Printed Shirt, Finamore 1925 2. Button Shirt, Barena 3. Logo Sweater,¬†N¬į21¬†4. Suit & Pants Set, Gabriele Pasini 5. Checked Pant, Gabriele Pasini¬†On Model: Jacket & Trouser, Circolo 1901

6. Cut-out Top, Nanushka 7. Mini Dress, Peony 8. Tube Dress, Beautiful People 9. Satin Dress, Nanushka 10. Midi Dress, Beaufille On Model, Beaufille

3. Smart Casual

Working from home does not mean that you cannot keep business-casual outfits in this summer capsule wardrobe. It is important to freshen up your looks with these bright coloured shirts.

Our pick is Finamore's printed shirt for men - A vibrant print that brings out the summer vibes and easy to match and layer. For ladies, mini to midi dresses are selected to be worn, transitioning from day to night. 

1. Knitted Cardigan, Gabriele Pasini 2. Navy Cardigan,¬†N¬į21 3. Jacket, Circolo 1901 4. Ribbed Cardigan, Barena 5. Loafer, Hermes 6. White Sneaker, Nike 7. Clutch, Bottega Veneta On Model: Skull Jacket, Gabriele Pasini

8. Oversized Shirt, Nanushka 9. Leather Jacket, Beautiful People 10. Wrap Cropped Top, Peony 11. Tie-up Sweater, Nanushka 12. Shoulder Bag, Cult Gaia 13. Sandals, Chanel 14. Heeled Mules, Rejina Pyo On Model: Layering Coat, Beautiful People

4. Easy Layering

Even in the summer heat, you find yourself in a situation when the weather gets chilly especially in a tropical climate. A cardigan is perfect as a layering piece on rainy days or a trip to air-conditioned malls. 

For men, both light and dark colours are both chosen for various occasions. We have a black formal loafer to classic white sneaker for versatile styling. For ladies, we have bright buttoned-up outerwear to add contrasting layers against darker tops. A handy shoulder bag is also highlighted to be stylish and big enough to fit all your essentials.

If you are looking to shift towards environmentally-conscious fashion, a summer capsule wardrobe is definitely what you need to start making changes from your fast-fashion shopping habits. 

In conjunction with Great Singapore Sale 2021, CLOSET is having a Mid-Year Sale for you to enjoy up to 15% off storewide. A curation of 25 to 30 staples of quality materials is a great investment in a long run. When you own those key classic and versatile pieces that can be worn on several occasions, the amount of time, closet space and money saved are just as great as the contribution towards a sustainable future! 

#MidYearSale #OnlineShopping #CapsuleWardrobe 

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