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Article: Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad or Husband

Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad or Husband

Father's Day Gift Guide for Every Type of Dad or Husband

Father's Day is coming! Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, especially if yours doesn't often offer any hints. There is more than enough time for you to find suitable gifts and plan an event for the important man in your life. In light of COVID-19 measures in many countries, most of us may not be able to dine out. To show your love in a thoughtful way, we have curated some unique gift ideas and activities to impress even the toughest Dads for this special day. 

Here are 5 different ideas for different type of dad or husband:

1. For The Adventurer Dad

What's the best way to experience Singapore's natural greenery sight? No doubt, that will be hiking! Get packing with a fisherman hat, big backpack, sunglasses, shorts, a bandana to wipe off the sweat and trekking footwear. Venture into the nature reserves either by bike or foot, decide which nature reserves trail is most suitable for him as not all the path are clearly paved.

CLOSET's choice: Bermuda Shorts, PT Torino

2. For The Busy Dad

The recent work from home situation might be draining and exhausting. So how can we help to reinvigorate his pressure? Getting connected on technology is rarely seamless and requires more than just looking at the screen, it is more intense and requires an immediate change in your lifestyle. This is where you can help to reduce the tension; gift your dad a coffee pod or a fragrance that boost productivity, even calms you down and your house will smell great! Which say, you can even get him new work clothes when the restriction is over! 

CLOSET's choice: Striped Long Sleeve Shirt, Barba Napoli Sweater, Gabriele Pasini

3. For The Creative Dad

Dads are pretty easy to please especially when it comes to being creative, there are tons of ideas and activities you can do for him. You can book a cooking class or baking class, pottery class or even an art jamming class which is super in-trend right now! Dress him in a stylish look and watch him work his creativity! 

CLOSET's choice: Artsy Outerwear, Gabriele Pasini

4. For The Playful Dad

Cheeky dad will enjoy bonding games that you had plan it for the family. It can be old-school board games, card games and even remote games, it will be memorable and build a healthy distraction from the busy lifestyle. Dress your dad in a comfortable outfit for the night!

CLOSET's choice: Basic Tee Shirt, N¬į21 Sweatpants, Gabriele Pasini¬†Ring, Hoorsenbuhs

5. For The Sporty Dad

For dads who loves the outdoor, the sun and their golf set. Fret not! You are allowed to golf in a four-ball flight in two groups of two people with masks on and keeping 3m between the two groups. If your dad doesn't play golf, there are other activities that you can enjoy with your dad and family during COVID-19 measures.

CLOSET's choice: Polo Knit Top, Circolo 1901 Basic Tee Shirt, Herno Trouser, PT Torino

It's always the thought that counts. If your family prefers to stay safe and chill at home, it is also fun to plan a thematic night indoor. There are always restaurants that offer takeaway and great movie selections on streaming sites for a fun day at home.

From your family to yours, we wish every father a Happy Father's Day! 


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