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Article: Menswear Spring Summer 2021: Evolution of Fashion Industry

Menswear Spring Summer 2021: Evolution of Fashion Industry

Menswear Spring Summer 2021: Evolution of Fashion Industry

Branding begins way back in the 1500s, but major changes took place later in the 19th - 20th centuries where brands acknowledge that they've to break through the clutter to be distinctive and capture the attention of potential customers and converting consumers into brand enthusiasts so that repurchase could happen and have a relationship customer base as a main source of revenue.

Today, we’ll be exploring the history of CLOSET's Men's Wear, how it got started, how it’s evolved to where they're now.

1. Barba Napoli

At the start, Antonio Barba followed the rules of the Neapolitan tailoring school. It's highly appreciated among those who only wear tailor-made items. Initially, his shirts were tailored for a select clientele only, chosen among the Neapolitan élite. Gradually, the brand BARBA Napoli became known across Italy. 

Over the years, the team worked towards being an international brand, representing a real lifestyle. The supply gets rich with the production of jackets, coats, trousers, knitwear and a wide selection of Barba Napoli designer accessories. All these things are the expression of the authentic Made in Italy, a style and manufacturing fusion. This same principle inspired the creation of the woman collection.

To date, The BARBA Napoli garments are one of the most prestigious boutiques in the world. The brand has successfully interpreted the needs of the contemporary dressing, evoking the classic elegance with high-quality products and the contemporaneousness of fabrics.

Shop Barba Napoli here.

2. Finamore 1925

In 1925, Caroline set up her first workshop and sewed shirts for a select number of customers, using the Neapolitan high fashion rules which regarding elegance laid down the law all over the world.

Those rules and skills were passed down to her son Alberto and his wife, Stefania, who in the 1960s opened their first large workshop in San Giorgio a Cremano, a town bordering Naples. The mix of culture and highly sophisticated machinery has made this family company one of the most advanced and avant-garde in this sector.

Today, “Carolina’s world” has widened greatly and the Finamore creations have become an important international brand name distributed in the most prestigious and exclusive multi-brand boutiques and department stores all over the world. 

Shop Finamore here.

3. Lardini 

1979 - Birth of Lardini's style; Luigi Lardini's dream developed into its own family business with the support of his siblings Andrea and Lorena, and the aid of his father, together they opened a small atelier where they made outerwear. The atelier soon became a home, where everybody shared the same passion and a blend of tradition, an eye for beauty and a hunger to create something new and modern.

Within just a few years, doors began to open, technology became more innovative and production grew until it reached what became the greatest challenge.

Today, Lardini’s unmistakable collections showcase a variety of tastes and styles that cater to a range of people, thus creating a name synonymous with traditional tailoring, a passion for beauty and a constant eye on the future. Now, many would recognise an iconic woollen flower that is attached to each Lardini's jacket.

Shop Lardini here.

4. PT Torino

Founded in Turin by Mr Pierangelo Fassino. Back in the 1960s, before he started making trousers, his family business was a fabric wholesaler but his innovation rebranded them into a successful trouser specialist. The company then kept growing throughout the years, and in the 1990s the time was ripe to spark a new stage in its development.

Mr Edoardo Fassino, Pierangelo’s son, set out to launch the company’s own high-end international trouser label: PT Torino. With an offer ranging from superb men’s trousers to luxury denim, PT Torino soon expanded and include glamorous women’s trouser and denim collections.

Today, PT is a major player on the global fashion playground, with brands distributed in over 40 countries worldwide and five prestigious showrooms in Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York and Turin.

Shop PT Torino here.

To better understand how to grow in a volatile fashion market we must be able to react fast enough. Many times we feel a momentary impression that allows us to witness this change and how it will affect your business. When you have no personal issues with them, impressions process freely and you might just lose your target audience. It takes so much more than hard work and patience in this. Learning this fascinating backstory is a vital step in developing your brand.

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