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About Run Of, Italy

RUN OF was born from the obsessive passion for sneakers of Matteo Ciuti, brand’s founder and designer — with over twenty years of experience in the world of design and fashion, with countless collaborations with the top brands and individual projects, ranging from automotive to product and fashion design.

Quality, research, sustainability, creativity, mix of colors and materials are the features that define the brand's luxury sneakers. 100% handmade in Italy, resulting in the highest quality, handcrafted products with a global vision.

Creating dedicated projects and exclusive limited editions with top stores and brands is RUN OF's way of thinking about the fashion world.  

 This collection sees the continuation of the brand’s vision - to create individualistic sneakers with a strong personality that embodies the brand.

Run Of’s sneakers, like the world around us, are melting pots of styles, inspirations, materials and philosophies.

Explore a range of fresh and exciting colourways to run with you into the warmer seasons.