Luxury Sneakers from Run Of, Italy

RUN OF was born from the obsessive passion for sneakers of Matteo Ciuti, brand’s founder and designer. He has over twenty years of experience in the world of design and fashion, with countless collaborations with the top brands and individual projects, ranging from automotive to product and fashion design.

Featuring Carbonifera

Run Of’s sneakers, like the world around us, are melting pots of styles, inspirations, materials and philosophies. 100% handmade in Italy, they are handcrafted products of the highest quality with a global vision. 

Quality, research, sustainability, creativity, mix of colors and materials are the features that define the brand's luxury sneakers. 

Featuring Vintage Bodrum and Pure - Grey & Yellow Multi


Transparency is important to RUN OF and it is a fundamental part of their approach to social and environmental sustainability - with the belief that their customers have a right to know how their sneakers are made in order to make a conscious purchase.  

Featuring Witch and Original White


Light and flexible, RUN OF's patented soles are a fundamental element of their sneakers and features a unique design containing their logo - 6 small triangles representing 5 elements of the earth + 1 the road.

The midsole is made from high-quality MICRO/RUBBER with the use of polymers derived from recycled products that offer lightness and flexibility. The shoe tread is in TPU, a noble polyurethane based polymer with excellent technical/mechanical characteristics.

The sole has a characteristic roll on the back that shows off the aggressive teeth of the tread, offering an excellent walking sensation that tangibly releases pressure on the spine.



RUN OF's sustainability commitment is recognized in the production approach of this limited edition line. Designed and manufactured in a sustainable way from the very first stage, this edit sees the brand combining waste materials and warehouse inventories to create exclusive, one-of-a-kind sneakers. 

Featuring Shuttle - the upcycled creation of unsold ripstop nylon bags and the beginning of RUN OF's commitment to sustainability.

RUN OF remains linked to top quality manufacturing, and they ensure that every piece of material used in their shoes are accounted for. Their unique designs, timeless style and high-quality materials make their shoes a durable companion for anyone for years to come. 

RUN OF latest 2022 Collection is now available online and in-store at Scotts Square boutique, Singapore. Shop here.

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