TIBI is a clothing label for the creative yet pragmatic - those who balance the desire to be expressive in their clothing with the realities of the utility needed for their everyday life.

 To this day, TIBI retains its individuality by remaining an independently owned brand maintained by a collaborative team of creatives across all disciplines.

 Twisting the rules of the classics in pursuit of creating an identity exclusive to the individual.


Pushing our curiosity forward in the quest to embody our passion for art, and desire for experimentation, this season explores how craftsmanship can express art in the most soulful way while doing so with wearability and functionality in full view.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the wardrobes we have already built for ourselves. 



This collection cleanses the palette. 

A fond nod to the 90's and early aughts gives this collection a reference point that can live into the present and the future.

A line-up of effortless styles for the curious.