Brand Introduction

The vibrant atmosphere and outstanding creative fervor of this era are the background for the birth of PT, founded in Turin by Mr. Pierangelo Fassino. A far-sighted entrepreneur, Pierangelo turned his thriving family business from a fabric wholesaler into a successful trouser specialist selling 80,000 pairs every season. The company kept growing throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and in the 1990s the time was ripe to spark a new stage in its development.

As soon as he joined the business, Mr. Edoardo Fassino, Pierangelo’s son, set out launch the company’s own high-end international trouser label: PT Torino. With an offer ranging from superb men’s trousers to luxury denim, PT Torino soon extended to include glamorous women’s trouser and denim collections.

Today, PT is a major player on the global fashion playground, with brands distributed in over 40 countries worldwide and five prestigious showrooms in Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York and Turin.


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