A brand entirely dedicated to the sartorial industry, Lardini was born from the passion of a family and is an expression of identity.

With forward-thinking collaborations and cutting-edge techniques, the brand’s youthful and innovative approach makes it stand out from it predecessors and peers - a mentality it has carried til the present day.

With a known reputation for the sophistication and quality of its construction, Lardini balances elegance and whimsy in one with its classic silhouettes and signature floral pin on all its pieces.

Titled 'Postcards from Le Marche', this season was born from the landscapes and sceneries of our land. A story told on the beaches in the Marche region, between Senigallia and Portonovo. 

Exclusive, lightweight fabrics in warm shades of Loreto and the cool blues plucked from the Duo Sorelle beach are crafted into daily essentials and relaxed suiting tailored for the balmy summer days of the warmer seasons.

Explore soft knits and comfortable, lightweight blends to take you through your days.



Encapsulating a balance between the modern city life and the lush peace of the country sides, this collection combines familiar, autumn shades and brighter hues in mindfully-selected fabrics. Inspired by the timeless elegance of the 70s, this season pushes us forward in rediscovering and appreciating what our planet has to offer us.