Gabriele Pasini is all about the artisan classicism of Neopolitan tailoring, evolving season after season with influences from contemporary trends as selected and interpreted by Pasini himself.

Pasini has always had an innate aptitude for tailoring, developed over the years through professional and artisan training from leading Neapolitan tailors, learning stylistic techniques on the construction of the perfect jacket and gaining inspiration on the search for different shapes and materials.

This season, the voyage through Italy continues. With a change in pace, the brand draws our focus onto Milan – the capital city of fashion, art, music and more. 

Explore colours and prints inspired by the surreal, exotic atmospheres created by the most spectacular blend of centuries-old history and movement. Shades of blue and brown call to mind the desert in an exotic twist of inspiration, while hints of deep blue set the mood of a modern jazz club.

Conveying a message of cross-culturalism, hope and airiness, this collection sees sartorial elegance reimagined. 




This season is inspired by icons of the city Modena, Italy significant to Pasini, dividing this season’s collection like a kind of chromatic journey.

Interpreting and mixing fabrics, colours and patterns that reflect his concept of Italian elegance, flanked by more streetwear and fashion-style garments that encapsulate the other face of the brand.