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About Barena Venezia, Italy

Barena Venezia is a small, family-owned company that has significantly influenced the way men (and women) dress in and outside of Italy over the past twenty-seven years. Before “sprezzatura” and “soft tailoring” became go-to terms for fashion editors, Barena was showing men how to dress casually and with class utilizing sartorial fabrics for rather sporty, workwear garments.

Founded by Sandro Zara and inspired by the rich heritage of the designer's home city of Venice, the brand is known for its classic Venetian style. Throughout the years, the brand has evolved and now mixes unfinished details with knit fabrics and soft tailoring, steadily focusing its brand around the use of and experimentation with natural materials. 

Think traditional tailoring and contemporary design within well-crafted daily essentials for the modern man. 

This season is an itinerant journey into our memories, representing the value of what has been handed down from our parents. Think retro-inspired knitwear and sturdy belted coats in a neutral and sophisticated colour palette designed for timeless versatility. 

Discover the casual elegance that sits within this collection.