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Article: Your Guide To Fall 2020 Most Covetable Outfits

VOL III - Your Guide To Fall's Most Covetable Outfits - CLOSET Singapore

Your Guide To Fall 2020 Most Covetable Outfits

A curated selections of the best new fashion arrivals¬†now in our store¬†‚Äē¬†

While many may not have made it to fashion week this season with current travel restrictions, it does not diminish our appreciation of, or appetite for, designer fashion. With fine quality, sumptuous materials and workmanship being the calling card of our international labels, it should come as no surprise to learn that the wish lists gets longer than before.

01. Dress, Rejina Pyo 02. Bag, 03. Heels, Rejina Pyo 04. Jeans, Rejina Pyo 05. Bag, Rejina Pyo 06. Top, Proenza Schouler 07. Beret, 08. Rings, Hoorsenbuhs 09. Sunglasses, 10. Earrings, Hoorsenbuhs

It’s time to channel your inner Parisian by wearing the two essential classics, the beret, and the trench coat. These will be the starter pieces for your chicest look this season. Style it with a striking red top and bootleg denim jeans to create a beautiful contrast. Oh, and remember to complete your look with a fabulous pair of brown slingback heels. Now, you are ready to go!

01. Top, Proenza Schouler 02. Scarf, 03. Sandals, 04. Skirt, Beaufille 05. Bag, J&M Davidson 06. Bag, 07. Bracelet, Hoorsenbuhs 08. Purse, 09. Perfume, 10. Sunglasses, Hoorsenbuhs

This outfit will probably remind you of old glamour: where Audrey Hepburn meets 2020. The midi skirt features a beautiful watercolour print that consists of muted colours such as teal and brown that pops well with a white-coloured top. You can also tie a soft silk scarf around your neck or onto your handbag to evoke the true essence of elegance. 

01. Top, Nanushka 02. Sunglasses, Hoorsenbuhs 03. Ring, Hoorsenbuhs 04. Skirt, Rejina Pyo 05. Bag, 06. Shoe, 07. Bag, Proenza Schouler 08. Earrings, 09. Watch, 

Somewhere over the rainbow is the perfect colour block outfit! If you are ever at a loss for which colours to mix, you can always refer back to the classic colour wheel. Consider pairing a green metallic pleated skirt with a yellow leather top to bring a sense of playfulness. Add on a motif scarf in red to your outfit for a bolder fashion statement.

01. Top, Nanushka 02. Earrings, Hoorsenbuhs 03. Necklace, Rejina Pyo 04. Boots, 05. Bag, 06. Shoe, Rejina Pyo 07. Pants, Proenza Schouler 08. Ring, Hoorsenbuhs 09. Bag, 10. Perfume, 11. Sunglasses,

Soho and Style undeniably go hand in hand. So why don't you steal the Soho Spotlight with your style this season? Team up a groovy brown checkered top with bright white pants to create a modern, stylish look. You can also wear a pair of retro heart-shaped sunglasses and a golden statement necklace to be dramatic.

Discover more of our new Fall '20 collection here. 

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