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About Herno, Italy

Founded in Lesa, 1948, Herno now represents a highly-respected name in Italian apparel and is based on the premise of functionality over aesthetics. It has created a dialogue between Italian apparel brands and technically advanced textile research.

Setting the standards for apparel manufacturing in an ethical manner, Herno is an epitome of Made-In-Italy excellence from the first raincoats of the early post-war period to its more extensive current collection. While Herno’s production is founded on products of their Italian character, its fundamental philosophy is based on ethics.

The brand is now synonymous with urban outerwear, dedicated to the modern consumer seeking emblematic craftsmanship and sleek taste. 

This season introduces an array of ultralight jackets padded with the finest goose feathers to ensure utmost warmth when you need it.


This season looks beyond the weight of living, understanding that these unexpected and strange times we are living in need lightness. This collection takes and creates ideas from different perspectives, made for you to readily face the present and beyond.

Of evergreen styles to take you through the seasons, trust in Herno's superb quality of fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, and perfected fit to have your back whenever you need.