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Article: The Interview: Sort Out, Style Up with sortorial

VOL VI - The Interview: Sort Out, Style Up with sortorial - CLOSET Singapore

The Interview: Sort Out, Style Up with sortorial

Need help with spring cleaning or start shopping for this Ox-picious New Year 2021? Founder of sortorial Debby Kwong visited CLOSET to share her fashion tips on personal shopping and home organization.

With years of experience as a fashion editor, her expertise and practical solutions will help you declutter, organize, shop, style and even a complete revamp. While everything may sound like cathartic tasks, such professional services will breathe a new air into your closet and personal style. If you feel that you have nothing to wear or fed up with living in disorganized chaos, sortorial could be the answer to all your domestic and fashion woes this festive season.


What do you think sets sortorial apart from other personal shopping services?

Debby: sortorial has a “less is more” philosophy. We’re all about encouraging clients to build a hardworking wardrobe – with versatile options that are easy to mix and match, no matter the occasion. And we focus a lot on how our clients feel in the clothes, only if you feel good, will it look good on an individual. Our advice is always customised to suit the client’s body type, personality and lifestyle. 

How do you strike a balance between a client’s needs and wants?

Debby: The client knows what he/she will want to wear, sortorial just comes in to make the look more elevated and fashionable.

Can you share more about the hashtag #sortoutstyleup?

Debby: sortorial has a holistic approach towards having a fashionable life, we also offer home organisation services. The ideal process would be to declutter, organise and then shop for what’s missing: you need to sort out what you have, before you can style up.

With the cold weather donning unto Singapore lately, how do we avoid looking like we are in pyjamas on work video calls?

Debby: A quick way for ladies to add a touch of luxury to a WFH outfit would be to add a colourful silk scarf (worn as a hair accessory or as a necklace). For the guys, just wear a collared shirt, and you're good to go.



What is one  fashion piece  you cannot live without?

Debby: A jumpsuit is a versatile piece of clothing that you can dress up or dress down. You can wear it on a beach vacation, wear it to the office and wear it to a formal dinner, it all depends on how you style it!

Who are your style icons?

Debby: I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who have stayed true to their style throughout the years and believe in quality over quantity.

Due to your job nature, have you been called as someone with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD? 

Debby: I'm definitely not super particular, but I do like things being organised so you know where to find what you need without getting flustered.

Do you think robots behind websites or apps with online shopping experiences like automated custom service can replace humans?

Debby: AI relies on information provided by humans, and it will take years for technology to learn how humans think. Sometimes humans don't even know what they want!


With the Lunar New Year round the corner, how would you advise one to start with spring cleaning?

Debby: To avoid feeling overwhelmed, focus on decluttering one room at a time.

As we only celebrate the festive season annually, how would you advise one to be sustainable?

Debby: Buy second hand if you're not particular about the item being "new." Or instead of buying new clothes every year, buy new accessories that can transform looks easily. 

What advice do you have for someone who is afraid to wear bright and auspicious colours like red, orange and yellow?

Debby: You can find out what your lucky colour for the year is, and wear that! 

What is one fashion myth the public should stop believing in?

Debby: That there are new trends every season. Trends are cyclical in nature, so what you have now, will come back in fashion in another decade or so. but more importantly, don't believe in trends, dress for yourself, so that you look the best that you can.


Available for both men and women, take your pick of services based on what you need, or gift a style makeover this Valentine’s Day. Starting from S$120, services range from outfit creation to closet organisation. CLOSET customers can enjoy 10% for their first booking, visit to book an appointment before Chinese New Year.

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