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Article: Chinese New Year Lucky colours for 2021 Zodiac Signs

VOL VII - Chinese New Year Lucky colours for 2021 Zodiac Signs - CLOSET Singapore

Chinese New Year Lucky colours for 2021 Zodiac Signs

Usher into the Lunar New Year with 2021 Spring's most auspicious hues! 

Is 2021 your Ox-picious year? Discover more about your zodiac sign and wear your lucky colours for an extra bloom of prosperity. 🍊🍊

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This year is an excellent year for tiger signs to meet new people. It is a year for great romantic aspirations and loads of favourable interactions. If you're single, this will work quite in your favour, and if you are not, it will be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you're in.

Lucky colours: Grey and blue
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This is a good year to focus on making new business relationships and getting along better with your coworkers. This can help to boost your career in later parts of the year and in future years. All in all, if you can improve your relationships with the people with who you work, then you can improve your career overall.

Lucky colours: Gold and white
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Dragon signs and wealth will be going hand in hand into the year. It may come from unexpected places and the females of your circle. If you have ever wanted to pursue something but held yourself back for some reason or other, this is your year. Go all out and achieve whatever it is you need to. Courage and strength will come to those who believe.

Lucky colours: Grey and blue
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Keep an eye out, for there could be opportunities for a promotion, which could mean more authority and a climb in remuneration, especially if your superior is a male who trusts you with responsibilities. Your new role will bear good fruit, but with the help of someone of higher power.

Lucky colours: Peach and sky blue
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2021 will be a good year for horse signs. You would feel both blessed and lucky because most of your endeavours would see fruition. At instances where you feel stuck or lost, you will be able to find solace in the assistance of others, so do not be afraid to ask for help when you find yourself needing it.

Lucky colours: Red and white
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This year, you will be granted the gift of problem-solving. Where others find problems, you’ll find a way to overcome those very problems with ease. Keep your eyes peeled for those willing to help you during dark days.

Lucky colours: Yellow and orange
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The Ox's year is a year in which you will find the things and people who make you feel content. Focus on all those content-filled relationships that bring you happiness and take on any adventure that will bring fulfilment and joy.

Lucky colours: Blue and white 
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2021 is your year of growth as opportunities will come rolling in all year long. Whether it is taking on a new job or an added responsibility, money will keep flowing in. It would also be easy to stage a turnaround in businesses as people come to your aid.

Lucky colours: Pink and blue
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If you were born under the dog's sign, then this year is one good year for you. It is as if the heavens will be shining down on you throughout the year, with great food, great company and significant events. The catch, though, you can't wait for it to happen to you. Instead, you have to go out there and make it happen for yourself.

Lucky colours: Red and white
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You could be travelling a whole lot this coming year, especially for career, educational or personal goals. This is a good thing and could certainly help you grow and attain more money. Consider stepping outside your own country or territory and also venturing into online businesses for greater growth.

Lucky colours: Pink and yellow
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The mouse sign will be given the ability to connect with those of higher authority, whether in getting government officials' support or receiving permit and project approvals. This skill will prove worthy in the workplace. Use it to get ahead by initiating new projects, as your bosses will be more agreeable in the Ox's year. It will help you get noticed.

Lucky colours: Blue and green
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This year, you will be centre stage. It will be an opportunity to stand in the limelight and build a connection with those who surround you, especially in the professional sense. However, keep in mind that this can only be made real if you have something to bring to the table. For this to happen, you'd have to focus all your energy on unique skill sets or knowledge you can share with the world.

Lucky colours: Orange and white
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 CLOSET wishes you and your family
a blessed and bountiful New Year 2021 ahead!

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