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About E.Marinella, Italy

Founded by Eugenio Marinella in 1914 in Naples, E.Marinella is an Italian necktie brand with a little boutique on the Piazza Vittoria, in the Riviera de Chiaia no. 287 in Naples. With just 20 square meters of sales space, the boutique has been present for over 100 years now with an international reputation for some of the best ties in the world. 

Alongside a showcase of traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship Neapolitan and the robustness of English silk, the brand's luxury ties are coloured expressively with patterns that speak for themselves - think floral prints and geometric designs.

With no more than four pieces in sale per design world wide, E.Marinella's ties are handmade with high-quality, handprinted silk, and employees are trained by invited tailors from the French metropolis. 

That is how on the Riviera di Chiaia, the triumph of the modern Italian tie began.