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Article: Work-From-Home Style Ideas

VOL XI - Work-From-Home Style Ideas - CLOSET Singapore

Work-From-Home Style Ideas

Enhance your functional basics if you are not going back to office and wear them even after the pandemic

Working from home certainly does not mean dressing up in your pyjamas all day long. When you ‘dress the part’, you will feel more productive and ready to hustle. CLOSET team has rounded up some of the best wardrobes picks for you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Now it's time to bring your A-game to work and dress to impress yourself! 

Zoom Ready

01. Shirt, Beautiful People 02. Bag, Proenza Schouler 03. Bracelet, 04. Earrings, 05. Bag, J&M Davidson 06. Shoes, 07. Pants, Beautiful People 08. Shoes, 09. Pants, Circolo 10. Bag, 11. Sweater, Gabriele Pasini 12. Shirt, Finamore

Whether you are working from your desk, sofa, or the dining table, you can try putting on a loose-fitting blouse from Beautiful People or an pink Chambray  shirt from Finamore. For a more polished look, wear it with a pair of simple grey trousers. Finally, slip on some comfy slides, and you are ready to take on the day! 

Self-Guided Walking Tours

01. Shirt, Beautiful People 02. Bag, J&M Davidson 03. Earrings,  04. Skirt, Rejina Pyo 05. Bag, J&M Davidson 06. Shoes, 07. Shoes, 08. Pants, Gabriele Pasini 09. Bag, 10. Watch, 11. Polo tee, Circolo 1901

It’s important to take a break from the screens, so get out of your house and get a some fresh air. Meanwhile, it’s also an excuse to get dressed! You can keep it cool and casual with Beautiful People’s blue striped top and Circolo 1901’s brown polo tee. Rock them with accessories like dainty gold earrings or a simple watch for a more refined look. 

Virtual Dinner Parties

01. Dress, Nanushka 02. Bag, Rejina Pyo 03. Ring, 04. Earrings, 05. Bag, Proenza Schouler 06. Shoes, Rejina Pyo 07. Shoes, 08. Pants, PT01 09. Wallet, 10. Bracelet, 11. Watch, 12. Shirt, Gabriele Pasini

Tired of seeing each other in sweats? Dress up for your virtual dinner party! Show off your stylish, chic look with Nanushka’s eye-catching seersucker dress and Finamore’s playful patterned shirt. You can also wear golden rings and fancy bracelets to bring an edge to your outfits. These looks will definitely grab people’s attention on zoom. 

Essential Shopping

01. Top, Beautiful People 02. Earrings, Hoorsenbuhs 03. Pants, Proenza Schouler 04. Bracelet, 05. Bag, Nanushka 06. Bag, Proenza Schouler 07. Shoes, Rejina Pyo 08. Shoes, 09. Jeans, PT01 10. Wallet, 11. Bracelet, 12. Necklace, 13. Pullover, N°21

It’s no surprise that the hottest place might be your grocery store right now. Keep it simple with Beautiful People’s striped top or N°21’s beige pullover. Relaxed in all the right places, these tops have a touch of stretch for comfort. Team them with a pair of white trousers or classic denim jeans.

Game Night

01. Black Top, Proenza Schouler White Label 02. Necklace, 03. Bracelet, 04. Bag, J&M Davidson 05. Pants, Nanushka 06. Ring, 07. Bag, Nanushka 08. Shoes, 09. Pants, N21 10. Shoes, 11. Bag, 12. Game, 13. Turtleneck, Gabriele Pasini

A cozy night in can be just as fun as a crazy night out. For your game night, it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable, yet chic. Throw on a knitted turtleneck from Proenza Schouler White Label or Gabriele Pasini for a cozy, classic look. You can team them with a pair of stretchy Yogi pants from Nanushka or black drawstring pants from N°21. Add some accent jewellery like a simple gold necklace to make your look pop from the shoulder up. 


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