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Article: Handcrafted with Love, by Strathberry

Handcrafted with Love, by Strathberry

Handcrafted with Love, by Strathberry

Follow us on a journey to the mountain regions of Southern Spain, and discover the unparalleled level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that is behind one of our best selling styles - the Strathberry Nano Tote.

"Our travels through Spain were such a great inspiration and gave us the opportunity to connect with artisans holding generations of expertise in leather craftsmanship. We still work very closely with our workshops and we are so proud to be supporting this local industry and showcase it on an international level. 

The skills and experience that go into one of our bags are amazing. It’s easy to forget how many stages go into the making of one bag and how much attention to detail is behind each piece – we get reminded of this every time we’re back in the workshops and see our craftsmen and women bringing Strathberry designs to life."

Guy Hundleby, Strathberry co-founder


Only the best Spanish leathers are utilised to create each Strathberry product. Ethically sourced and of the finest quality, they are an integral part of a truly beautiful product. The leather is cut by hand from patterns that form the separate parts of the bag.


Edge paint is applied to seal the leather edges and protect them from wear and moisture, in order to prolong the life of the bag. This is applied by hand in multiple layers, highlighting the clean and architectural lines of each Strathberry silhouette and shape.


The finished parts are now carefully sown together and assembled by hand to form the iconic shape of the Strathberry Nano Tote.


The iconic Strathberry bar is the signature feature of all our styles, and it is crafted and applied to each product by hand. A protective coating is added to prevent the bar from getting scratched. 


A final detailed inspection is carried out by our artisans to ensure the quality is of the highest standard. All Strathberry bags include a signed card from the team member in Spain who performed the final check to ensure you'll be able to enjoy your new bag for years to come. 

"Creativity and quality are at the very
core of Strathberry. We simply don't cut
corners, and we love the fact that we are
able to offer customers a product so
carefully designed and beautifully made."

Leeanne Hundleby, Strathberry co-founder


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