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Article: Nanushka: Sustainability & Responsibility

Nanushka: Sustainability & Responsibility

Nanushka: Sustainability & Responsibility

Founded in 2006 by Sandra Sandor, Nanushka is a womenswear, menswear and accessories label based in Budapest. With a focus on craftsmanship, detail and fabric, Nanushka builds a modern wardrobe through Sandor’s dedication to responsible production. 

Featuring Tria Shirt & Edna Pants in Kaleidoscope. 

The brand’s collections explore their deep appreciation and respect for nature, community and the world around us. Materials are chosen for their low-impact credentials, while craft and hand technique are informed by a unique mix of traditional and contemporary culture.

All focused around the three key pillars of their ethos. 


Featuring Artha Shirt, locally made in Budapest from cruelty-free vegan leather.

Nanushka strives to create a shared culture of transparency, participation and accountability in the brand’s vision of responsible luxury. Committed to ensuring that the rights of everyone who works with them - from their head office team members, to the people who make their clothes and grow materials - are respected. 

Of SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY, Nanushka aims to achieve full transparency and traceability of their supply chain to ensure that their social and environmental values are upheld and known to consumers. Transparency is crucial to see what more can be done to foster change for fair labour and environmental protection.

60% of the brand's clothes are produced locally in Hungary, allowing them to build and maintain close and personal relationships with their supply chain partners. Yearly visits allow them to assess how they work and better support the implementation of certain policies.


Left: Featuring Varsity Mesh Jersey Dress, crafted from 100% recycled polyester, GRS-certified.
Right: Haina Shirt & Fusa Shorts, crafted from upcycled fabrics. 
Bottom: Nilo T-Shirt, crafted from 100% recycled polyester.

Circularity is a means to maximise the value of everything produced. Leftover materials from past seasons are introduced back into the loop in various ways which then contributes to a circular economy of reduced textile waste and pollution.

UPCYCLING is the creative re-use of unwanted clothing, breathing life into these materials for a second time to create new and fresh pieces. 

RECYCLING materials help close the loop between resource-intensive fabric production and growing piles of textile waste, as well as reduce water, chemical, energy consumptions while lessening the GHG emissions throughout these processes.

An essential step for the fashion industry to take in order to move away from the linear take-make-dispose model that has harmed our environment all this time. 


Featuring Chrissie Top, made from organically grown cotton which supports better farming systems.

With a belief in environmental and climate justice, protecting biodiversity and ecosystem balance, responsible sourcing and manufacturing are Nanushka's top priorities.

Thus RESPONSIBLE FORESTRY introduces visionary solutions to protect our rainforests and woodland.

  • Conscious alternatives like Tencel and Lenzing Ecovero are sourced from sustainably managed forests and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-Certified). 

By committing to FSC-certified fibers, we commit to a healthy planet where our forests and biodiversity are preserved and cared for. The conservation of our forests also helps combat climate changes as trees capture carbon in the atmosphere, and sustainably managed forests contribute to livelihoods, income generation, and employment.

  • A commitment to Canopy - a Non-Profit Organization that works to protect our world's ancient and endangered forests. This collaboration is executed through the brand's approach to procurement of pulp, paper, packaging and fabrics. 

With time, Nanushka's environmental quality of its collaterals will improve alongside the shift to more environmentally and socially beneficial fabrics. 

Through evolving material innovations and conscious decisions, Nanushka looks to create a positive impact together with their suppliers, partners and customers. The brand paints the reasons we should all strive to live responsibly, and showcases how a combination of tradition and technology will help us establish a new paradigm in fashion. 

“It feels like we are part of a wider movement, and when it comes to sustainability, we are all moving towards the same objectives; it’s less about competition and more about collaboration. It’s exciting to be pushing for change and the establishment of a new paradigm. At times it can be frustrating because it’s such a complex and holistic topic, and what you would like to do needs much more time, but it’s rewarding to see it coming to life knowing that it will have a much more positive impact.” - Sandra Sandor

All information is extracted from Nanushka's Sustainability Reports. Download  here

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