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Article: Summer 2021 Style Guide For Men

Summer 2021 Style Guide For Men

Summer 2021 Style Guide For Men

What should guys wear to look hot? How to dress for work and not drown in sweat? How to look good in shorts?

Summer and fashion do not always go hand in hand for men, it's easy when the temperature is breezier, you can throw on a layering piece to look cool but how do we look good when it's 30 plus degrees and humid without jeans and outerwear?

Sit back and read on to find out more about how you can dress to impress without breaking a sweat!

1. Covid Shirt, Beautiful People 2. Cotton Polo Tee, Circolo 1901 3. Embroidered Shirt, N°21 4. Cargo Pant, PT Torino 5. Cargo Pants, PT Torino 6. Cotton-blend jeans, N°21

1. Cotton 

The majority of your summer wardrobe will be cotton or cotton blends like cotton/linen, cotton/silk or cotton/rayon as cotton is extremely breathable and versatile. Thanks to the tighter weave, it wrinkles less than looser weave fabrics like linen.

Cotton allows the air to circulate, helps remove heat, good for humid climates as well as dry areas. It is hypoallergenic as well!

1. Linen Shirt, Finamore 2. Linen Shirt, Barena 3. Printed Shirt, Finamore 4. Trouser, Caruso 5. Linen Pants, PT Torino 6. Drawstring Pants, Caruso

2. Linen

Linen is an alternative to cotton and many clothes are a blend of cotton and linen as linen has a lighter open weave. (The more open the weave, the more it will wrinkle.) To get around this, you can take advantage of linen’s breathability, but cotton’s structure. Good quality linen usually wrinkles more, it doubles up as a relaxed nature detailing that's perfect for summer!

Linen absorbs sweat, dries quickly and it shouldn’t cling to your body.

1. Wool Sweater, N°21 2. Wool-blend Shirt, Finamore 3. Bomber Jacket, Barena 4. Suit, Caruso 5. Suit, Gabriele Pasini 6. Suit, Lardini

3. Lightweight wools

Many of you would be confused at this point as wool gives the impression of its thick and highly not breathable. In fact, like cotton, there are lightweight wools designed to be worn in the summer. They also wrinkle a lot lesser than linen as it has a tighter weave. 

Tropical wools are great for suiting when you want to look polished for work.

1. Indigo Shirt, Finamore 2. Pink Shirt, Finamore 3. Stripe Shirt, Finamore 4. Single breasted shirt, Barena 5. Dark Denim Shirt, Finamore 6. Light Denim, Finamore

4. Chambray

Chambray is a type of natural fabric that is made from either linen or cotton. Though similar to denim, chambray has a plain weave, thus it is smoother, less rugged and lighter in weight. It is usually dyed in a blue shade that resemblance denim.

Chambray is good for hotter months acts like cotton and makes you feel and look good, has a higher thread count so it breathes well!

1. Suit, Lardini 2. Suit, Lardini

5. Synthetic & blends

The name itself might already scare you off but fabric technology has vastly improved. Today, synthetics are made of natural byproducts and environmentally sourced, making them more sustainable and pleasurable to wear. Some examples of synthetic fabrics are polyester, Tencel, rayon, spandex and lyocell.

Synthetic blends fabric usually are lower cost, stain and water resistance which are great for outdoor and rain gear, durable and keeps its shape well.

Don't worry, you are not alone in this. Just keep in mind to invest in pieces with a little more substance and dress up your way this summer!

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