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Article: Introducing ATP Atelier - All Tomorrow's Parties

Introducing ATP Atelier - All Tomorrow's Parties

Introducing ATP Atelier - All Tomorrow's Parties

Started by best friends Maj-La and Jonas, ATP Atelier - All Tomorrow's Parties was born out of the desire to create leather goods that couple contemporary Scandinavian design and authentic Italian craftsmanship.

The brand speaks to your everyday - from quick grocery runs to your travel plans. Inspired by the slow pace of life in Otranto, Puglia where the founders came to spend summer vacations together, each pair is designed to be a friend for life and develop its own rich patina over time.


ATP Atelier aims to inspire women to make smart choices - both for themselves and for the sake of the world they live in. The brand's contribution to society is their platform based on transparency, where they will push boundaries, explore new techniques and question industry norms while maintaining conscious processes.

“A sustainable mindset is the foundation on which our whole brand is built upon. For us it's not a trend, it's a given." - Co-founder and Creative Director Maj-La Pizzelli.

The first ATP Atelier shoe was in vegetable tanned vacchetta, a sustainable treated leather sourced from the by-industry of European cattle. Biodegradable with no trace of toxic substances, 85% of the brand’s pieces are made from this material today.

The Italian artisanal tradition of vegetable tanning has been handed down from generation to generation – and it is both beautiful and supports a more sustainable fashion cycle. 


The brand's most iconic piece - Rosa is clarity, symmetry and harmony in a shoe. It was in many ways the starting point for ATP Atelier 10 years ago and it is just as relevant today. 

Rosa is timeless. It is a work of art recognized for its impeccable quality and style, cherished over a long time by its owners. 


  • Inspired by tomorrow
  • Create with confidence
  • Committed to making a meaningful difference

ATP Atelier challenges the industry’s habit of encouraging consumers to shop fast and often, and its design approach is to create iconic pieces with a strong DNA that stays relevant year after year, and often stay for life. 

The latest collection is now available online and in-store at CLOSET, Scotts Square #03-10 Singapore. 


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