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About peony, Byron Bay

An Australian swimwear label, Peony is a sustainable brand founded by Rebecca Morton. Named after the bloom that signals the beginning of summer, the brand believes in conscious creation and aims to create collections that pioneer sustainability, instils freedom, transcend seasons and withstand the test of time. 

Like a breath of fresh air, this season is the brand’s vision for a vacation way of life, and a vacation state of mind.

Evoking the spirit of summer in a celebration of lively colour, hand drawn prints in gelato tones and thoughtful silhouettes inspired by holiday moments.

 Discover the latest styles to elevate your next summer getaway.



This collection sets the tone for brighter days ahead in a chorus of colour. Meaning “the cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit”, Joie De Vivre is a celebration of now, and the joy of what’s to come

Tried and true peony hues are reimagined through a braver lens, with contrasting pops of colour set amongst in-house created textile prints in the brand’s distinct handwriting.

A burst of summer flavour sparkles under the sun while whimsical flowers dance across the collection in a gentle poetry of refined femininity and breathtaking volume. Exclusive hand-painted blooms in soft shades perfect for the coming seasons.

Explore classic, versatile silhouettes perfect for your next day-to-night vacation.