Beautiful People

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE 2-way Canvas Tote Bag in Ecru

$360.00 SGD


A 2-way canvas bag featuring a tote design with a twist - where the traditional inner pocket hangs outside. Just like Beautiful People's design philosophy, the shape of the bag can be changed up by a simple fastening on the bottom of the bag. Design and practicality all in one. 

Flat measurements: 44.5cm (W) x 43cm (H)
Three-dimensionall measurements: 28.5cm (W) x 20cm (L) 33cm (H) 

Designed and made in Japan

Item Code: BP 1035611968


Body: 100% Cotton (water resistant) 
Pocket and handle: 100% Cow Leather


Wipe with a dry cloth

This product is created along with genuine leather. Stain or colour change may occur if overly exposed to sunlight or humidity. Advisable for storage at a cool, dark environment.

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