GABRIELE PASINI New Collection Spring Summer 2020



Today we would like to further expand on the brand Gabriele Pasini, which is an essential part of Closet's men's selection and our SS20 collection.


Gabriele Pasini


Born in Modena, Gabriele Pasini's clothing and interpretations are fundamentally influenced by his following of Neapolitan tailoring. The many years of artisan training of Neapolitan tailoring exemplify his technique through each of his creations, such as the perfection of each shape, fabric, and no piece is without meaning or interpretation.



SS20 Collection Gallery: Venice and its Colours


Gabriele Pasini’s SS20 collection is inspired by Venice. With its unique color palette of greens, whites, greys, and midnight from the city’s nature and its weather to the beiges, browns, and blacks from notable architectures and creations of the city.




SS20 Collection Movie



"Classico" Italy and "Street" merged in an artistic collection. The playful details that stimulate the imagination are particularly popular among those in the creative line of work. These fluid designs are also perfect for a casual outing.

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