Brand Introduction

Founded by Hidenori Kumakiri, the Tokyo-based luxury label offers multi-purpose clothing, with the use of exquisite fabrics and inventive garment construction, blurring the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Before launching the label in 2006, Hidenori started out as a pattern maker for Comme des Garçons, where he worked for six years. Every season, Beautiful People seeks to find ‘a middle ground between opposing ideas’. This concept gave rise to his collection, “kids series”, presenting childlike silhouettes designed for adults, which won the hearts of many people in Japan. 

For the Spring/Summer 21 Collection, Hidenori aims to send a message of optimism and rebirth by showcasing clothes with dynamic, flowy volumes. Inspired by the lockdowns, he included cozy garments with domestic details such as hats shaped like pillows, bed linens, cushions, and tablecloths.


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