Brand Introduction
| hɔːs | ɛn | buː | [horse-en-boo]
HOORSENBUHS® is an American fine jewelry house established by founder and creative chief, Robert. G. Keith. As legend has it, it was Keith's fore-bearers that captained the Dutch HOORSENBUHS® merchant ship that inspired the collection.

2005 marked the year the company anchored its first atelier in Santa Monica, California, and take pride in all being handmade in Los Angeles by in-house artisans. Together, Keith and brand director Kether Parker, have created an ever-widening circle of brand enthusiasts  who become collectors. Very few customers own just one piece.

Offering a jewelry buying experience unlike any other, the atelier quickly became a destination through word-of-mouth. The company has commanded worldwide renown and demand as a purveyor of fine jewelry, as many influential and iconic tastemakers in the fashion, music, and entertainment industry has embraced it. 


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