Brand Introduction
Founded in Lesa in 1948, at the mouth of the Erno river that flows shortly thereafter into Lake Maggiore, Herno has represented the excellence of Made-in-Italy for 70 years with a history of continuous evolution: from the first raincoats of the early post-war period to high-fashion-brand production in the 80s and 90s, through to its more extensive current collection, Herno is synonymous with urban outerwear throughout the fashion world.

It is the second-generation guidance of Claudio Marenzi (President and CEO), from 2005, that marked a turning point in terms of international growth, with a campaign to raise awareness of the family brand through continuous investment in research, technology and eco-sustainability projects such as the only study and corresponding production of Europe's first P.E.F. garment all the while maintaining the perfect amount of sartorial tradition.

The pursuit of excellence 
The product is at the very heart of the brand the result of the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics so characteristic of the collections, achieved through creativity and innovation. Herno outerwear, dedicated to the modern consumer, is emblematic of exquisite craftsmanship and unique taste. Stylistic consistency and production, the fruit of an exquisite Italian ability to create top-level products, are the distinguishing traits of Herno-brand garments. Products that are born in an establishment designed like a creative work-site, where tradition and modernity co-exist.


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